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~Did you Know half of writers earning less than $500 for their first book publish because they are uneducated. Unspoken Words Publishing presents the Author’s Workbook. The Author’s Workbook gives authors step-by-step information on how to produce, publish, and promote a book. Topics include overcoming writer’s block, writing a book, publishing a book, promoting, and marketing a book. Authors get a clear understanding of the publishing process. Unspoken Words Publishing has combined extensive research with personal experiences from authors and condensed it all into a few highly concentrated pages. This book is a must-have for all aspiring writers interested in getting published.

Unspoken words Publishing workshop

We will go over every aspect of the workbook and answer any questions author's my have. Every author that attends our workshop will have an good education of the publishing process. They will also have a clear vision on where they want their book to go and the direction on how to finish their project. Workshops will take place every 2nd Saturday of every month from 10am-3pm at 2490 Lee Blvd., Cleveland HTS, 44118. All workshops are $50 and that dose includes an workbook. please call (216) 421-5085 to register, space is limited.

The service you deserve

~~Unspoken Words Publishing book services packages are $1500. All books are on the page count 50 to 110 pages over 110 pages must be quoted (10 free book)

Pre- Publishing Services- Publishing agent, Copyright registration library of congress card number, ISBN number. EAN bar code

Publishing Services- High quality paperback, Your custom design layout Full color cover, Printing Services, Laminated cover, Wide variety of available trim sizes, Variety binding types, Variety paper stock.

Distribution Services- Unspokenwordspublishing.com Baker&taylor.com Barnes&noble.com Borders.com Amazon.com and local bookstores.

E-Book Publishing Services- Unspoken Words Publishing E-book package inculde all pre publishing and publishing services for an low flat fee of $699

Editing Services- Unspoken Words Publishing offer authors to get their work edited for $4 per page.

If an author will like Unspoken Words Publishing to market his/her book it would be an additional $1500

Marketing Services- Publishing agent, Marketing Material Marketing(Business cards, postcard and  kit Electronic Press release) Book tour Interviews, Book Clubs, and Direct e-mail promotions.

​Build you Business with us


Premium business graphic design

Business Logo's Start of at $50
(All business Marketing Services must be quoted)

Business card, Letterhead, Envelope, Book covers, Press Kits, Presentation Folder, T-shirts, Tickets, Flyers, postcards.

Business Coaching Call $100 per hour

Consulting Business Services (Must be quoted)