We are quite sure that you will love Lytoni weekly fashion picks and the chance to ask Lytoni for fashion advice. Lytoni has put together an great team to also cover some entertainment topics, news and events that are worth your attention. It’s good to point out that we will cover important local events like grand openings and non-profit events. All these things will help our readers stay well-informed. Thanks to our experience of Lytoni and her team we are sure that we will achieve this goal.

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Unspoken Words Publishing was founded by published author Lytoni S. Brown. Lytoni is the author of the Author’s Workbook and is committed to guiding new and aspiring writers on their publishing journeys. Lytoni has been a published author for over a decade. She’s taught workshops to new authors for the last five years. Lytoni knows firsthand of the publishing business that’s often filled with big dreams, fast hardship, and big buckets if not properly educated. Lytoni’s goal is to help as many people as possible get their stories told properly through the written word.